Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

I wanted to show off my cool W-WadeCo Camber Lock System.

Other systems had been evaluated, and are very nicely made, but the main drawback is they require drilling into the Upper A-Arm to mount the "Stop Plate". This could potentially weaken it.

The engineering dept. at W-WadeCo came up with a simple design that uses a welded retaining ring on the upper A-Arm. The special Camber adjustment shim can then be used to lock the camber, as well as perform fine adjustment with the threaded shaft & nuts. As shown in the picture, the system is not tightened, that's why the washer is at an angle.

Lock Brackets

Adjustment Stop (Welded to A-Arm)

Camber Lock Assembly


Finally, JFB had a question on getting the bushings out. Here's how Wade did it..... You gotta be careful, though!