Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Hey Rob -

Nice to hear you are getting sign offs accomplished. How soon do you think for the air tools...those are the fun ones..

Getting signed off on air tools is a long, ardouous journey. I have to pass bench grinder certification first.*

I did kind of jump the gun by using my angle grinder to fit the shocks (the Koni 30s "hats" can interfere with the shock brackets at full droop) a little prematurely.

With regard to rotors -

I am using vented 12.xx" (number to be filled in later) mustang rotors.

With regard to brake pads -

Stock calipers with Porterfield R4S (Street Compound).

With regards to rear brakes -

This will drive most everyone who has a dog in the fight nuts, but.....

I am using the 1980's technique of dual, stock rear calipers. Since the rear uprights are "unisex", I just have 2 sets of calipers on each rear wheel. This is a common technique from the past, made obsolete by the relatively low cost Willwood kits available at several suppliers.

I can lock up my rears any time I want, I keep my stock emergency brake configuration, and the price was right.

  • 4x $2.00 Bolts
  • 8x Brake pads
  • 2x $15 Braided steel brake hoses
  • $100 in rebuild kits for 4x calipers

    The camber lock modification is slick. I like it. Royalties should be paid to you or W-WadeCo?

    Royalty checks should be submitted direct to W- WadeCo, care of me.... PM me and Ill send you the address! Cool


    * Note - I am teasing my friend and mentor (Wade) about all this. I am sure he would be perfectly willing to let me take the next step -when ever I want to grab the MIG welder... have at it! (....but I don't think the results would be what either of us want to show off!)
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