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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Funny (well, not so funny at the time) anecdote about my car....

When I drove to Yuma for MATO (3 Hrs.), I noted a new vibration at speed. I had just replaced my tires, and had the new ones mounted and balanced. This was my first ride on these tires, and I had not messed with my suspension, so I suspected a balance issue.

I took the rear tires and wheels to a different shop. He only had the kind of machine that had to put a spindle through the center of the wheel. We had to get the De Tomaso caps off.

"Oh, I just whack 'em with hammer", the guy said...

"Hell No you don't just 'whack 'em with a hammer'"!!!!

Anyway - we spun up the wheels, and one was off by 1.75 oz., and the other by .5 oz. I think I found my problem.

Don't ever get your wheels mounted and balanced at C***** **********, even of they do have a nice Factory Five Cobra replica on the shop floor!

Anyway - All is well now. The car just got dropped off for alignment after the front suspension rebuild.


PS> I think I owe JFB a picture of my PMGR starter install...


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