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Shakedown Cruise on #5357 - Getting Ready for the Fun Rally! (I'm Driving from Tucson To Houston).

OK - So it was just me that went on the run! That's not my fault! I tried!

So having just completed a series of updates to my car, I wanted to "wring it out" under real-world conditions. The updates were:

* Complete Front Suspension Workover
* 8" Wide Front Tires & Brake Hose Routing
* New Porterfield R4S Front Brake Pads
* Rebalanced Rear Tires / New Rubber
* PMGR Starter

I also had the opportunity to run a Air/Fuel Meter and log some data.

Overall - everything went GREAT. I put about 130 miles on the car, simulating conditions I will encounter. No problems with any of the upgrades, or anything else.

Now to scrape the bugs off, and do the very final prep work before we leave on 13 May.

Here's some pictures from the ride.....

Slideshow from "Shakedown Cruise"


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