Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Any Armchair tuning analysts (or experts) out there? Any comments on these graphs?

I am struggling a bit with this LogWorks Software (Scaling and Selecting Axis'). Anyway, here's a couple of representative files, with my assessment.

The last set is an acceleration from a rolling start onto the freeway - to about 75 mph. Bottom is time in seconds, and the left axis is A/F Ratio.

Personally, I think my carb adjustment is good based on "seat of the pants" performance, plug inspection, lack of soot on the back of the car, and now this data (I've got a lot more files) but who knows what the experts among us can discern....

Here is a sample of the data I collected - I tried to get both sides of the engine, under similar conditions (but collected a day apart). The Idle & steady cruise are easy to match conditions, but acceleration is more subjective.

Warm Idle - Good Adjustment (might be a little rich at idle). Can be set to > 14.7 under a no-load condition without issue.

I would be fascinated to figure out with the 3 Hz oscillation in the Passenger Side correlates to.

2500 RPM in 4th Gear - Again, I think things are set pretty well. Running close to stoichiometric under a medium RPM, low-load condition.

Note, this carb does not have vacuum advance.

Acceleration (Driver Side was more "intense" than Passenger Side)

I believe things are OK. Upon acceleration, you expect the mixture to richen considerably, due to the Accelerator Pump, and the Power Valve Opening. I think when the ratio the drops down is when I am mashing the gas, and the peaks are as I let off the gas at shift points.

Trying to match up this data is why I need:

a) An RPM Sensor Input $30 (plus cable wiring time)
b) Another O2 Sensor $160

Thanks - Any comments on people's assessments of this data is appreciated.