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Group 4 Tail Lights getting prepped for install.

I am using the Pantera Electronics light modules, so the surface of the buckets doesn't have to be "ultra reflective".  The insides were much shinier when I got them, but they got a light "soda blast" to provide a clean surface for the finish. 

The Jon Haas (P-E) setup runs the wires through each of the bucket light sockets, so in this case, they are not required.  I expect to do some work to seal off the insides  as I run the wires through the back of the buckets.  Probably use heat shrink, or some other technique. 

I am pretty excited about this upgrade.  It should be a pretty easy swap.  I have some matching connectors to the stock harness coming from Jon, so once I get the buckets wired up, and the light assemblies installed in the buckets, the swap from the US lights, to the Group 4 configuration should be a snap.

Fingers crossed!



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