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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Hello, All...

I am swapping out a Ford SVO master (or one from a small ranger pick-up - I've never been able to get the straight answer on it) to a Wilwood master and proportioning valve / distribution block from SACC.

I have a couple of questions for this august body of grey-bearded sliverbacks (as it were).

In Picture 1 - Has anyone seen this booster modification to adapt the booster to the two bolt American brake MC?  Most everyone else uses an adapter block.  This looks like it was done by welding two bolts directly into the booster body, and plugging the original holes.  I am just curious if any of the vendors were doing this in the post-1985 timeframe?  This came on my car from the PO, but I never got the opportunity to ask him about it.

IMG_6214 [Large)

I am wondering if the actuating rod can be pulled out of the booster without damage?  it slides forward, but seems to have a stop up against the booster diaphragm.  I am not sure that I really need to remove it.

The threaded part with the acorn nut on the pushrod...  how far will that unscrew?  It looks like I might need another 1/2" just based on measurements of the two masters.  I am wondering if I will have to fabricate a longer one.

IMG_6217 [Large)

In the picture below....  the rear brake pipe connection which previously came out out of the distribution block....  That sure doesn't look like a "bubble flare" to me.  It's a 1/2" nut...  Looks like a good old USA flare to me....  but that's not supposed to be stock, is it?

IMG_6218 [Large)

Comments and advice appreciated.


PS>  Scott's setup of the Master / Proportioning Valve / Distribution Manifold looks really nice to me (some might call it "AMAZING"!)

It all integrates the manifold / valve together, it comes with bracketry/pre-bent tubing to mount to the MC, and gives you a brake light switch.  You loose the shuttle valve function (and sensor for the dash light), but you don't need it.

I am running stock Girlings up front (with Porterfield R4-S pads) on vented rotors, and SACC / Wilwood rear calipers on the stock rear calipers.

I'll post up more pictures when I'm finished.

IMG_6216 [Large)


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