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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Good suggestion Mike.

I am at Merle’s Auto Parts now, and it’s a little more complicated.

They don’t make a reducer that jumps from 1/2-20 directly to 3/8-24, you have to go to a quarter inch first. But that string of three fittings (two reducers, and a union) is a lot better solution than what I was considering, which was far from ideal, as the brass coupler was pipe threads (tapered) and would have left a huge air pocket that would have been very hard to bleed.

Here's the solution I am going with.


I also heard from a friend (Thanks, Larry!) who suggested that reducer fittings are found on Ford Master Cylinders.  I had not turned any of these up, but if anyone has a part number, this could be a single jump to a 3/8-24 union.

".......if you were looking for a fitting that would reduce the 1/2-20 flare nuts to the 3/8-24 ‘normal’ sized ones, the smaller of the two brass adapters installed into the various Ford iron master cylinders will do the job."

Larry_W_Recommendation [01)

Larry_W_Recommendation [02)



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