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Reply to "Pantera #6383 - My Pantera GTS Found after 35+ years"

Originally posted by Horace Cope:
Hi Pete

Whats the radiator and AC cooling fan in the back. Was it so hot in Saudi that they tried to fit 2 cooling rads. Surely not an AC condenser with that size inlet/outlet pipe.

I agree they seem to have made a good job of fitting the GT5 bodykit etc.


It was mid summer in Damman when I bought the car. You could have fried eggs on the bodywork.

I will never forget putting the car in a container then nailing wooden chocks behind all the wheels, it was so hot in that container I almost passed out.

when the car reached the UK, I went on a 300+ mile round trip to collect it from Felixtowe.

The Revenue men wanted 10% of the new price of the car before releasing it, then I would have to get several estimates of its value, and they would then reimburse me.

The car new then was £18000, the banks were closed, they wouldn't take a cheque, they were the pits. I had to drive home and collect it the following week with CASH.

I eventually paid tax on £2500 which was all the car was worth in the condition it was in, but it took them a long time.

English Revenue men were a jealous bunch of bloody cissies.