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Reply to "Pantera # 9228"

Hi, so back in about 98 ish in Port Elizabeth there was a gent who was driving a black Pantera. He had the car as he owned a detailing company and i guess he was tasked with detailing the car... i was fortunate enough to ride passenger and as a teen it was super exciting. The gents name was Kieth Hopgood, unfortunately he is no longer with us but i do recall him mentioning something about a small fire in the back... i assume he meant the engine bay.
Anyway it wasnt until recently that my mate in Cape Town got a call to tow the vehicle back in 2020 (Francois De Roubaix) he has a bunch of pics there too.Pantera

I assume they are one in the same vehicle, dont imagine there are many rolling around in SA that are black.

Hope this helps.
She is a real beauty!


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