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Reply to "Pantera beats Aston DB9 in braking performance"



  • Die besten Werte erzielte ein DeTomaso von 1976 mit einem Maximalwert von 9,92m/s² und einem Mittelwert von 6,26m/s². Eine ebenfalls hohe maximale Bremsverzö-gerung erreichte ein Porsche 911 von 1980 mit 9,34m/s².
  • the report talks about a De T P build 1976..

The table gives disk dimeter 285 mm (sounds like the original) and 4 pistons as original and on rear disks as well, no info on mods (well they might not know about it.., could have called me). The tire DOT I cannot convert to tire sizes right now needs more research, guess you folks know..

Also not clear if brake main cylinder and our wild brake pressure leveler is in scope. But assume it is....then TOP data we got on the car. Porsche in 1980 had app somewhat 180 HP Din, and 3 liter engine..



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