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For Sale: Pantera Books, TSBs, Owner's Cards, more

Long time since I’ve posted here, but don’t see me as an outsider! I was (and remain) a Pantera fan, long before the world recognized their many attributes. Truly, I was singing from the Pantera Hymnal even while I owned those “other” Italian cars, touting their strengths to any with the sense to listen.

 Sold my last car, #7059, to a great member here, after 9 fabulous years (having owned 8 others prior to that) and in a mad clean up, found these few remaining items that you might enjoy:

1. Pantera Technical Information Book/Binder – This manual is THE reference source for all things technical to our beloved cars. Ford did a masterful job of organizing, photographing, describing various parts, updates, adjustments, fixes and more. This one is an ORIGINAL document, original photos, NOT a reproduction. It is in what I’d call “B” grade condition only because the edges are age-faded, but it is not some grease-stained wreck. It is as good as I’ve seen outside of those wrapped in plastic. Literally hundreds of pages, thousands of photos/illustrations for most any “How do I” or “What is this” you could ever want. This is why they are $225+ on eBay if you can find them. Mine is for $175 (plus shipping is whatever it is) and it comes with a bonus –

2. Pantera Technical Information Book/Binder, #2 – Same as above but pretty awful. This one has been used, big time. It’s complete as far as I know, but THIS is the one you’ll use when you’re under your car or for Wayne the well-intentioned mechanic who is eating a taco while bleeding your brakes. It’s water-damaged too, just to give it character. If you buy the nice manual above, I’ll GIVE you this one. It’s only fair. So that’s two manuals: one to covet, one to use.

3. "The DeTomaso Pantera", by Jan P. Norbye – Yep, this is the glamour book that early Pantera devotees had to have. I adored this thing, learned a lot. 130 pages, lots of B&W pics, illustrations, some color photos including rare factory photos. Great history, personalities, development and set-backs, all well-chronicled. You can find dog-eared lumps on Amazon for $40 or get this nice one (because I like books) for $40, your choice.

4. Pantera Technical Service BulletinAll 118 Ford factory authorized and recommended upgrades, repairs, improvements to the Pantera, issued February 8, 1974. This is a fantastic volume on the little-known tips of Pantera ownership, and why your early car doesn’t have the circuit breaker on the headlights, or how to properly burp the cooling system. It’s a gem. This book has age on it but it is also seriously well-kept, not scribbled in like half of them, nor bend back to death. It is truly in remarkable shape. You will save more than my price the first time you open it, and I’m not kidding. First $40.

Bundle for the truly obsessed: If you act before somebody cherry-picks the lot, I’ll bundle them ALL up and send your way for $250 (plus shipping at whatever it costs), which will also include –

  •  Pantera International Tech Article Index (fast reference tool) plus a 10 page update to Panteras published January 1979. Includes bumper modification, proper master cylinder rebuild, installation of electronic (Duraspark), plus corrosion protection tips.
  • Enlarged Pantera Wiring diagram/schematic published by Ford. This thing is huge, but folds down to normal size. Unfolded, you’ll have no problem tracing every wire, circuit, connection and proper color. I don’t think these are available anywhere, and this is an original from September 1973.
  • Pantera “Owner’s Card” that was to be completed by selling dealer and filled in with owner’s name. In DeTomaso blue and white, with proper rounded edges. These have never been filled in! Completely blank and pristine.

All the above, Items 1-4 plus bonus printings, for $250 plus 'real cost' shipping to someone quick and half-crazy. And yes, the "Pantera International" window decals go with it just because. PM me for PayPal info.Pantera TSB 1Pantera TSB 2Pantera TSB 3Pantera TSB 6Pantera TSB 7Pantera Tech book, badPantera Tech book, bad 2Norbye 1Norbye 2Pantera tech supplment 1, coverPantera tech supplment 3Pantera Owners Card 2Pantera Owners Card 1Pantera TSB wiring diagram

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