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Reply to "PANTERA PRICE'S ?"

Detom, HI. You are certainly an optimist aren't you? [Just kidding] But seriously yes the dollar is taking a beating, which bring's up another question....
What is the general concensus as to why the dollar is so weak? Yes inflation and especially the price of fossil fuel [in the form of gasoline price's / home heating oil price's and of course all the add on surcharge's from the various companie's [re] the electric company
etc] My 2 cent's worth [i don't mean to sound like a hater but!] is that a lot of the problem's can be attributed to the MILLION'S of illegal's working off the book's for cash money
while the [greedy] companie's that employ them reap all the benefit's of their labor and not having to pay any taxe's / medical or any other type of insurance for them [who pay's for this when they need medical help etc??
Add the fact that a very large percentage of these illegal's are sending MOST of their earning's out of the country, thereby draining money from our economy because the government has to print more money to replace that money which in turn make's it worth that much less.
SORRY for the rant, but it is what it is?