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Reply to "PANTERA PRICE'S ?"

In the short run, regardless of what the rest of the market does, the Panteras will keep rising.

They are drastically "undervalued" compared to just about everything else.

Cars are going overseas becasue of that and the dollar valuation. I'm not a believer in cheap dollars. It doesn't help me with anything that I want.

As far as the world economy, the US is going to be more stable then most other places. Mainland China is the wildcard because of the size of the population and what even meeger gains do to the rest of the world.
The major threat to the dollar is what oil is traded in. If more and more countries trade it in Euros then a Mexican Peso will eventually be worth more.

Keep in mind that the only people that will complain that a Pantera costs $150,000 for a driver are the people who don't have one. I think the people that stuffed 454 Chevies in and cut the roofs off to fit their surf boards in, will also be unhappy.

Just my 1.5 cents worth.

Wow! I made that many posts? I should get a life!