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Reply to "PANTERA PRICE'S ?"

Well, I don't post much. Read alot of posts. So, I guess I may have earned the right to go a little longer here.

Pantera prices and value ....

1) The post started with a comment on The American dollar: The dollar cannot keep its value when the U.S. runs an annual deficit of between 500 Bllion and 1 Trillion dollars. When the U.S. borrows money like that (to finance a war in Iraq) it doesn't help the currency's value. The price of oil and other commodities have not gone up as much as the US greenback has gone down because those commodities have been traditionally priced in US dollars.

The lower priced US dollar has been good to those like me who buy DeTomaso parts. It makes it more affordable.

2) Investing in automobiles: When I look at the bottom line, if I wanted an investment I would have looked elsewhere. I remember watching an interview with Reggie Jackson (Car guy, Ex NY Yankee slugger, Mr. October etc.) at a Barret-Jackson in the late 80's or early 90's. His advice rang deep with me: "Buy the car you want because you like and want to drive the car..."

3) A hobby: Hobbies are not for the monetary value but for the enjoyment. I'm on the same side as deeb, jeff6559 et al. - I probably will never get the money back for the amount I have put into my car (just like any other of my hobbies) - Mainly because it will never be sold in my lifetime.

4) Reputation: I am with you 4NHOTROD. ALL DeTomaso's to my eye, are among the most beautiful Italian cars (Vallelunga, Mangusta, Pantera models etc.). Sight unseen, among the average guy, they have NO reputation or a mixed to poor one. As said, people are afraid of the unknown.

I have seen many a car "expert" claim that the Miura was the first mid-engine production car. That is controversial. I believe the DeTomaso Vallelunga was the first. How many know this? How many know that the guy that designed the Mazda Miata used styling cues from the DeTomaso Vallelunga he owned?

Secondly, on a flight from L.A. to Toronto, I had the pleasure to sit beside a well known Hollywood actor and his daughter. I found out that he was a car guy. When I mentioned I had a DeTomaso Pantera his immediate reaction was, "That car is hot to drive in - it didn't have A/C.". It was a reputation DeTomaso earned by putting on the market, cars that were not fully sorted out.

5) I am not sure if a Ford engined car is a major hinderance to value or marque recognition. Lotus used Ford engines in their Elan, Elise, Europa, Esprit ... Shelby used Ford engines in his Cobras. The average guy knows a Lotus, Cobra etc. The issue, in my view is marque/make recognition.

6) There is confusion between make and model. To the average guy is the Pantera a DeTomaso or a Ford? What is a Pantera? We may not be clear on the type of car we talk about. Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini etc are makes. A Ferrari 355 is a model - as is a BMW M5. Unfortunately some people confuse the two when they talk about a car. Dare I say, there are some NOT very good Ferrari, Mercedes, BMWs etc models out there. But they get lost in the "Make wash" of all Ferraris are .... well Ferraris. There are great Ford cars (GT-40, GT, 69 Boss Mustang, etc.) and some not so great Ford cars.

DeTomaso is not a well known marque. period.

Saying it is a Pantera only gets a "Yes, its a Ford !, Ford sold the cars in 71-74 !". Don't bother trying to explain the confusion over the marque/model - their eyes just glaze over. So, what is a Pantera? To me, I am proud to say it is a DeTomaso. Just as an Espada is a Lamborghini or a Ghibli is a Maserati.

I am with Rob146 here. We need to drive our cars as often as we can. This will help in marque recognition - setting aside model recognition.

7) Finally, I have owned my DeTomaso since 1990. I have to get it appraised often for insurance purposes. I have seen the appraised value rise and fall over the years. AND, I still own the car. I know what I have. I enjoy driving it and all of the pleasure it gives me to own it. It has afforded me the honour of meeting many of you - and that, as the VISA Ad says "Is priceless".
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