Parts for Sale...

Not sure if anyone is interested, but if they are, here's what I've got....

The photos are quick ones I snapped. I'll get more/better ones if any one is interested in this stuff. PM me with your email address.

Feel free to make offers.

You pay shipping.


1 Set Port Plates for 4V Head. Intake Side. $100

Glass Fuel Filter $10 - This is the kind that can crack, and spray fuel all over your headers. Not recommended, except for static engine displays.

Header Doughnuts (Qty 4). Worked on "Hall Big Bore" Headers and stock Ansa Tailpipes. $20

Two Stock Radiator Thermal Switches. Excellent Used Conditions. $15 each or both for $25

Ford D1TZ-7600-A Bearing (Bushing) Clutch Pilot. Bronze, Non-Magnetic. New. Fits certain Mustangs - Doesn't fit Panteras (and probably not 351C flywheels)

2x Deadly Dorman #14656 Clutch Pilot Bushing (Same as Dorman 691-039). Magnetic. Contains sintered iron. Guaranteed to grind your expensive ZF input shaft into a thin toothpick within 200 miles of installation. Fits 351C & Pantera. $4 each. Or you could buy one of Marlin's at $135 each.


Used Telecars & Springs ('73 Car), ~100K Miles on them $100 (OBO) with all hardware, spacers, rubber parts, etc.  - (SOLD)

Lower Upright Shafts (Pair) - Used but good condition. I'll pull them out of the bag and get pictures for you if there is interest. (SOLD)

Used Aristons & Springs ('72 Car), ~20K Miles on them $150 with all hardware, spacers, rubber parts, etc. (SOLD)

ZF (-2) Fifth Gear Set (.704) (SOLD)

Remote Heater Valve - Move your heater cutoff into the engine bay. (SOLD)

Ford Motorsport Green Strain Relief Duraspark Module. (SOLD)

1x D1AE GA (Closed Chamber) 4V Head. Cleaned and in Great Condition (SOLD)

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