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Couple of more items listed.... It's just taking me a while to go through all this stuff...  The parts are from a '72.

Again - if you want more details, information or pictures, just ask.

  • Original Cam Gears Steering Rack (Rebuilt) with Tie Rods $200


IMG_8833 [Large)IMG_8834 [Large)IMG_8835 [Large)IMG_8836 [Large)IMG_8837 [Large)


Sold Stuff:

  • Barely used Throttle Cable - SOLD

IMG_8841 [Large)

  • Veglia Speedometer Cable - SOLD

IMG_8838 [Large)IMG_8839 [Large)IMG_8840 [Large)


Images (8)
  • IMG_8838 (Large)
  • IMG_8839 (Large)
  • IMG_8841 (Large)
  • IMG_8833 (Large)
  • IMG_8834 (Large)
  • IMG_8835 (Large)
  • IMG_8836 (Large)
  • IMG_8837 (Large)
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