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Reply to "Pictures of Member's Other Cars"

Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
I have to say that Chris Wilson's E-Type really is sublime. I think Julian would easily win the "combined top-speed" challenge by a fair margin. There hasn't yet been a car posted that I would park behind the barn.

Which brings me to request that Mr Hudson posts some photos of his amazing cars. I know the collection has been thinned out but there are still some impressive rides tucked away in mid-town Montgomery. How about some sharing Adams? Big Grin

To entice you, here's a photo of "your" Mangusta.


ha! Great looking shots Mark. Loving the Mangusta, thanks for keeping it for me! Excuse my huge delay in responding, but just moved into 'new' garage. Dear Lord, why did I EVER keep 8,000 totally unusable parts, obscure tools, and useless lengths of wire, unmatable screws and nuts...

Anyway, stuff is finally 'in place' but much more sorting and work required. My 'new to me' place is about 50 miles from old place, now nearer where we live on Lake Martin.

Here are a couple of poor photos...


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