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warrenvictor posted:
What is clips section??

The top navigation bar has a link titled "Clips" to the right of the link titled "Forums-Directory". To see it you must be logged-in.

Clips are random, individual, or “stand-alone” photos or videos, and Sets are photo albums.

The purpose of the “Clips” section is the sharing of photos or videos, where the photos and videos are the main attractions … and not the text. There are no problems to be resolved, nor any news or information to be shared; those objectives are the purpose of the forums.

As you post your images or videos please edit the Titles and Captions to provide useful information about the picture or video and thus make your post more interesting for your fellow members.


  • Prefix pictures or videos of individual De Tomasos with the car's chassis numbers.
  • Include the names, locations and years of events.
  • Include the names and locations of tracks, the names of drivers, and the years the photos or videos were taken.
  • Include the locations of road trip photos, the names of the people in the photos, and the years the photos or videos were taken.
  • If you plan to upload a group of photos regarding the same subject, ask the administrator (me) to create an album (a set) for your photos.
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