Pirelli P7 Tire Re-Issues (15 inch OEM wheels)

Pirelli is currently celebrating its heritage, what this means for us is that they are more willing to re-issue P7 tires.

Re-issues of classic tires are "reproductions" in appearance and size, but they are constructed using modern rubber compounds and modern construction techniques. They "look" like the classic tire they are emulating in sidewall design and tread pattern, but they are thoroughly modern in terms of performance. A specific size of tire can only be re-issued if the tire model had been previously manufactured in that size.

Wide Body Pantera Owners:

Dougal Cawley of Longstone Classic Tyres says the 345/35ZR15 P7 shall be available any day now and the 285/40ZR15 P7 shall be available soon.

MONEY TALKS, to keep these classic tires available PLEASE support the efforts of Longstone Classic Tyres by giving them your business.

Narrow Body Pantera Owners can be divided into two groups ...

Group 1, those with an interest in 50 series Pirelli P7s:

Pirelli already makes a P7 re-issue of the 225/50VR15. But the 285/50VR15 hasn’t been “stocked” for a long time. Interpreting comments made by Dougal, it seems the 285mm tires, both 285/50 and 285/40, are considered odd-ball sizes. Dougal says he will “consider” asking Pirelli to re-issue the 285/50VR15 P7, especially if the 285/40ZR15 P7 sells well (the front tire for the wide body Panteras).

If you would like to see the 285/50VR15 re-issued please email Dougal and express your interest, give him an idea of the demand for tires in this size. His email address is: dougal@longstonetyres.co.uk

Group 2, those who prefer a larger diameter tire set, more akin to the Goodyear Arrivas:

All "Pre-1979" Panteras were equipped with either 70 series radials, or 60 series Arriva bias ply tires, about 6,600 Panteras. The Pirelli P7 tires were not OEM tires for the majority of Panteras, and they were never available in 60 or 70 series sizes; but that doesn't mean there isn't a worthy set of tires amongst the range of P7 tires that were manufactured. It has been my observation that most owners prefer a wider/lower profile tire than what their car was originally equipped with. So I have a "third set of tires" to suggest, available as Pirelli P7s, to meet the needs of the owners of Pre-1979 Panteras.

I have suggested to Dougal that Pirelli P7s re-issued in the sizes of 225/55VR15 and 275/55VR15 would be the ideal tire set for the majority of the 6,600 Pre-1979 Panteras (excepting for those Panteras whose owners prefer the smaller diameter 50 series P7s). I can't think of a more ideal set of tires for the narrow body Panteras, they have the "square shoulder", wide tread, low profile looks everyone prefers, they are 20mm wider than the Arrivas but not too wide. They are the proper width for the OEM wheels; the 275mm rear tire will fit either the 15x8 OR 15x10 rear wheels. They are the same diameters as the Arrivas, they are speed rated, they have the “period correct” look of the P7 sidewall and tread pattern, and they are thoroughly modern in terms of handling and performance.

If you would be interested in Pirelli P7s re-issued in these sizes for your Pantera please email Dougal and express your interest in this tire set.

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