Reply to "Pirelli P7 Tire Re-Issues (15 inch OEM wheels)"


Originally posted by David_Nunn:

... I'd even speculate that Pirelli already has a regular body Pantera sized tire (or tires) in the works ...

Speculation gets us nowhere. I speculate they haven't. One mention in a history blurb means nothing, and promises less. I don't think Pirelli gives a damn about De Tomaso owners. Hasn't Dougal mentioned several times it would help get the 285/50VR15 reissued IF it had a fitment other than just the Pantera? It doesn't seem Pantera fitment has much weight in Dougal's mind.

Reissues of the 285/40VR15 and 345/35VR15 tire set, and reissues of the 225/50VR15 and 285/50VR15 tire set, are cool, I'd seriously like to see them in stock again. BUT those reissues only help (at most) 20% of the Pantera owners. What about everyone else? Do they keep using BF Goodrich?

If they were planning to issue a tire set for everyone else, then of course Pirelli shall issue it in an OEM sized set. Pirelli will not reissue tires in the size of the Goodyear Arrivas! That leaves the 185/70VR15 and 215/70VR15 tire set for the Pantera. Wouldn't a reissue in those sizes be a let down? I haven't seen or heard of anyone from Pirelli asking for our input. Do you want people to sit back and do nothing, just take whatever bones Pirelli throws us?

I've given Dougal his ammunition, the 225/55VR15 and 275/55VR15 tire sets were OEM on Bimmers and Bentleys. If Longstone Classic Tyres were to have P7s re-issued for the Bimmer and Bentley in the name of nostalgia who cares? Aren't the wide body tires actually reissued for Porsches and Lamborghinis? Once the 225/55VR15 and 275/55VR15 are in stock there shall be nothing keeping De Tomaso owners from purchasing them too.

The iron is hot, its time to strike. I hope your comments don't discourage anybody. I hope people will still email Dougal. If we want to be heard, we'll have to offer our input without waiting to be asked. We need to stir the pot and see what rises to the top. We can influence our own destinies, and squeaky wheels get greased. Sitting on our arses and doing nothing gets us nowhere.

That was and still is the purpose of this announcement.