Reply to "Pirelli P7 Tire Re-Issues (15 inch OEM wheels)"

Originally posted by George P:

René that is the front tire for the wide body Panteras (GT4, GT5, GT5-S). It is about the same diameter as the 225/50R15 which is the front tire for narrow body Panteras equipped with P7s. They are both about 24 inches (61cm) diameter.

There are four OEM tire sets installed on Panteras manufactured from 1971 to 1990:

Set 1 1971-1972 185/70VR15 + 215/70VR15 This set is available in Michelin XWX. There is little demand for this size.
Set 2 1973-1977 205/60VR15 + 255/60VR15 This set is available in BFG Radial T/A (speed rated S). The Rear is also available in Pirelli CN12.
Set 3 1978-1984 225/50VR15 + 285/50VR15 The Front is available in Pirelli P7 and P-Zero. THE REAR IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.
Set 4 1978-1990 285/40VR15 + 345/35VR15 This set is available in Pirelli P7.

The rear tire for set 3 is the tire currently under discussion, and the most urgent need.

A great number of owners of 1971-1977 Panteras retro-fitted their Panteras with factory 10x15 rear wheels, and moved the 8x15 rear wheels to the front position, in order to accommodate the tires of set 3. Every 10x15 wheel that De Tomaso had stocked, at least a cargo container full of them, sold-out long ago. The 10x15 wheel remains popular even though the proper tire hasn't been available for years. When a used set of 10x15 wheels comes-up for sale, they sell quickly at top dollar prices. There are not one but two aftermarket companies manufacturing this wheel still today (Roin and Marvic). I know people who have purchased used Panteras simply because they had this size rear wheel. They removed the 10x15 wheels, replaced them with 8x15 wheels, and placed the Pantera up for sale again.

That's exactly what I would like to do if Pirelli were making 285/50VR15 and you're obviously right when you say there's a lot more Pantera L in circulation than GT4, GT5 or GT5S.