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Playboy Pantera light up sign

Hello and greetings,

I thought I'd share this Coca~Cola (?) sign featuring a Playboy bunny and her pink Pantera. I picked this sign up, as part of a package deal, on a group of Pantera memorabilia and misc. parts.

I'm not sure if this was a actual sign distributed by Coke or just a light box that someone added a Pantera photo and a red Coke sticker too.

Has anyone seen one before? If so. Can you help with some information about it?20201104_131121_HDR20201104_131055_HDR20201104_131310_HDR20201104_131201_HDR20201104_131359_HDR


Images (4)
  • 20201104_131121_HDR: Sign turned on
  • 20201104_131310_HDR: Sign turned off
  • 20201104_131201_HDR: Close up of sign face
  • 20201104_131359_HDR: On/Off buttons on top
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