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Reply to "Seeking Advice Concerning Replacing the A/C Hoses on a 'Goose"

How difficult is it to get them to feed through the door sills?  anyone have pics of  that area?  

I found this pic of 8MA634, is the area circled in red where they come out?8MA634SWheel1m2015Drew

I hadn't thought about the issue of removing the fuel tank...  I've done it a few times, so that's not an issue.  Perhaps I could buy the hoses, feed them through and get the tank back in and drive it to the shop and have them put the fittings on and pull the vacuum, etc...  I'll definitely be sticking with R12, I spent a ridiculous amount of $$$ trying to get R-134a working right in my '66 230SL only to get "mildly cool" air out of it...  ended up ripping it all out in frustration.

Can shops in the US put in R12 if you supply it?




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  • 8MA634SWheel1m2015Drew
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