Reproduction 10x15 Campy Wheels - Marvic & Roin information

I'm creating this topic to make this information easy for members to find in the future.

An Italian company named Marvic Wheels srl reproduces the 10x15 Campy wheels in cast magnesium.

Link: Marvic Wheels

I communicated via email with Silvia Framba. Their price for the 10x15 Campy wheels is currently €1,550.00 each (both short rib & long rib wheels can be reproduced, they are priced the same). Silvia estimated €200.00 shipping for a pair of wheels to Ventura. Total cost would be €3,300.00 for a pair of 10x15 wheels, currently equivalent to $3,839.00 US dollars, shipped to a US address.

Their terms are 40% at the time of order, the balance before shipping. Delivery takes 8 to 10 weeks.

FYI their price for the 8x15 Campy is €1,350.00 each.

Here's the wheel dimensions



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