Reply to "Reproduction 10x15 Campy Wheels - Marvic & Roin information"

Originally posted by C. Engles:
Dear Peter,

What is the contact information for Roin and what was your cost for a set of their wheels?

Curious, Chuck Engles

Chuck I bought a pair of rear 10" wheels and used the old 8" campagnolo's on the front wheels.

The rears were 800 Euro each, size 10X15.

I ordered the wheels through.

Mr Andrea Ronin.

Tel +390458779288

E mail


Roin Technology
Via Monti Berici, 4
37057 San Giovani Lupatoto
Verona Italy.

They did not ask for a deposit, and I paid when I received their invoice. also paying 50 euros for shipping the 2 wheels to England.

the only question they asked was, did I want them painted or unpainted.

Georges comment is a sad testament to some customers we deal with. I can only report that my dealings with Andreas were concise with good comms and a product I was so pleased with.

But I have also been given the very cold shoulder and understand that its more than disappointing, I asked a certain American Vendor by email if he would supply me 2 sets of diff bolts that could be wired up, yes was the reply, I called him on the phone with payment details and have heard nothing more despite more emails again with no reply.