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First and foremost, thanks for the compliments, Mark. Being addicted for over 30 years is not easy. Was on remission for a while, but the addiction was too strong and guess what? Here I am, back with a bigger mission! Soon I will post all the photos and all the work that was done to it. Too much to list and still much to come. Presently working on a prototype rear diffuser made of carbon fiber. You could see the pictures of the old engine in my new photo album forum section, Mark. I see pictures of your project. Tell me about your Pantera, Mark.

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Originally posted by DeMopuar:
First of all, welcome to the addiction.......

Your Pantera is really Bad Ass......... I like it.

Tell us more about the car and what you've done to it -- and yes, of course, more photos of it too. The car looks great!!!