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Rough Night

Just got my latest project delivered tonight.
From what I could see of it, high on the top part of the 10 car hauler, I was pretty happy. Surface rust but all the sheet metal was straight, right up to the point to when it wasn't straight any longer.
Normally I would be pretty ticked off at the truck driver, but this poor bast#&*d was all by him self in the middle of the night trying to off load a non runner. I offered to help several times, of course because of insurance reasons I had to keep a distance.
The pictures pretty much tells the story, car started rolling, the door caught the side of the hauler and crunched it like a wrapped baked potato. Guy is lucky he did not get his leg caught.
I need a Drivers door and hinges if anyone has one, clean and straight please. PM me if you have one for sale.
Bright side is rest of car is good


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