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Reply to "Rough Night"

Probably beating a dead horse but here is their response


As per our recent conversation on the phone, I would like to provide your with the written response on your damage claim.

In order to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of this claim we have conducted an investigation with those involved in the transport of the car. Based on this we have learned, that your vehicle was going ASIS, as was noted on the Bill of Lading (the "Contract").

Enclosed with this letter is a copy of the Bill of Lading signed by your authorized agent on November 07th, 2011. The contract included the terms and conditions on the reverse. We must deny your claim for damages for the following reason(s):

According to Section 6 of the Bill of Lading "any Vehicle that is transported as a SALVAGE, PROJECT, or RESTORATION will not be subject to any kind of claim regardless of the conditions said or described of the vehicle at origin".
Your vehicle was going ASIS, ACC Corp. Not Responsible (please see attached).

We understand damage to a vehicle can be frustrating experience. However, since ACC is not legally responsible for the damage, we suggest you to report this damage claim to your own auto insurance company.


ACC Corp.

Basicly these guys can bust up your car, yes, even a completed restoration and they don't give a crap and accept no responsibility. Just doesn't seem right