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Reply to "Rough Night"

Originally posted by Quickitty:
Thanks for all your support guys.
I have been using this post to vent my frustration a bit. You guys have offered some great support and I appriciate that.
I agree, that this is a case that can be won, but more importantly the question is, is it worth my time, effort and aggravation? Probably not.
In the simplest most basic part of my mind I believe that there will be an accounting for this, a devine justice that I may never see.
Or I may have a change of heart and sue the crap out of them Big Grin

Your financial justice is up to you and your Excel spreadsheet. If it makes sense, then "Illegitimi non carborundum" (Don't let the bastards grind you down) Smiler

As far as divine justice, if the almighty won't save a plane full of people from crashing into the ocean, or save a child from leukemia, then your dented door is way down the list. Roll Eyes