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Reply to "Shipping the ZF from Va. to Ca."

There is a problem with shipping insurance. There is a list of requirements that you must agree and adhere to.

If you do not follow it to the letter, the shipping company will not be held responsible and the insurance company will not pay.

Butfoy came up with the plastic shipping crate because of the REQUIREMENT that a specially designed enclosure must be supplied for the specific item AND it's approval is subject to a referee that determines that it complies with the requirements. YOU do not determine that.

When you drop it off for shipping, the company that you select will accept it without it, essentially in a cardboard box, but if the item is damaged, they will not pay.

I had that issue with a lathe that I sold. UPS destroyed the thing. They never paid because it was not in the original specially designed packaging. It was a "vintage" lathe to a collector that would not pay the extra shipping to put it in three separate packages. So stupid me shipped it whole.

How do I find the original shipping for a 70 year old lathe?

The ONLY shipping boxes for the ZF's that anyone ever saw were the wooden crates that Ford used.

The BEST way to ship the ZF now is going to be to strap it to a wooden pallet and ship it truck freight. That's also faster.

I shipped a complete engine that way. It went from NY to MO overnight. I loaded it at 10am and it was there 9pm that day. The freight company didn't want it sitting around.

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