Reply to "Shipping to Canada - "The Resolution""

Originally posted by INZOWHO:
Oh ya, The wheels were described as "used wheels for a 1973 pantera" and arrived NO tax, NO duty, NO broker fees. The driver just unloaded them into my garage. I asked, and the driver said nothing was owing.
Now, if UPS comes back to me in 2 or 3 months to collect duty, I will tell them to kiss my ass.
Doug M

Better get ready to pucker up Doug. Revenue Canada rarely misses an opportunity to collect taxes, so I think you should prepare for an invoice from UPS. They will charge what Customs tells them and leave you to argue with them later. And they will probably include a hefty fee for their services — especially if it was shipped via. ground.

These situations are exactly why I ship to the northern USA, pick things up there and import them myself. Of course, I then get to enjoy the inside of a concrete room while they tear apart my car looking for proof that I'm doing something wrong. I still have to pay all the taxes (which really pisses me off because there are no taxes on private sale of used merchandise between individuals here), but at least I get to challenge their knowledge of their own rules when they try to charge me duty.

Another thing about this whole cross-border shipping is that EVERY time I (when shipping products from my company into the US) have requested a full and final total quotation of ALL costs from both FedEx AND UPS, I have been given the wrong information and charged more in the end. You just can't win.