Reply to "Shipping to Canada - "The Resolution""

O.K. I should clarify things a little.

If the situation gets out of hand and UPS threatens to charge the sellar, I WILL step up and pay the invoice. Clearly, as the purchaser and the Canadian, it is my responsibilty to deal with my governments taxes and duty!!

Every other UPS shipped order I have received from the US arrived with duty and taxes COD and I had to pay these before I received the goods. How is it that UPS can come back at some future date and invoice you for charges you should have been made aware of at the time of delivery? What do I do if UPS decides to invoice me $2000 for broker fees? It's too late to send the goods back.

Interestingly, when goods are sent USPS/Can post I never have to deal with any of this stuff, which is why I have begged the vendors to mail things instead of UPS.

If I was closer to the border I would go pick up stuff myself, but it's a 10 hour round trip for me to Great Falls, Montana.

When I researched before buying the car, I never even considered parts supply. I figured, you pick up the phone, pay the currency exchange difference, and that's that. Boy, did I get educated in a hurry! I've been puckered up for a couple years now. Frowner

Bottom line: If I get invoiced, I will pay it and fight it out later. It is certainly not the American seller's responsibilty that my government and the shipping companies want to bend me over the hood of the car at every opportunity.

Doug M
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