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Reply to "Shipping to Canada - "The Resolution""

Well, I've stuck my neck into this one before, so here I go again. In the last few months I have had 4 separate orders come in from the U.S.
1. Full set of 17" campi replicas with tires mounted. Shipped UPS ground.
Duty = $0.00, Tax = $0.00, Broker fees = $0.00
2. Electronic stuff. Shipped UPS ground
Duty = $0.00, Tax = $9.29, Broker fees = $39.10+tax Total COD $50.34
3. Steering wheel hub from a California vendor. Shipped UPS ground.
Duty = $0.00, Tax = $0.00, Broker fees = $0.00 (this invoice was labeled, replacement for damaged parts,
no charge)
4. Headlight conversion kit. Shipped USPS/Canada post.
Duty = $0.00, Tax = $32.50, flat transaction fee = $5.00 Total COD $37.50

Obviously NAFTA is working, as no duty was owed on any of it.
This is the first time I have ever been charged tax on a mailed parcel. So I have to retract my statement that I have never been charged any of this when goods are mailed.
Broker fees and tax seems to be a crap shoot with no rhyme nor reason. Broker fees have no relation to the value of the goods.

I just assume that these charges will be added and collected COD on every delivery. If I get one with no charges, bonus, I got away with one. All charges were COD and I could not recieve the goods until they were paid! I still do not agree with the idea that I can be charged after the delivery has been made. This has not happened to me YET.

I paid all these fees and taxes. I fully agree that shipping charges and all related duties and taxes are the responsibilty of the buyer.

With the exchange rate what it is right now, coupled with shipping costs and charges, I won't be purchasing anything out of the U.S. that is not directly related to keeping the car in running order.
There is lots more I would like to do to the car but it will have to wait until better times.

Doug M