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Reply to "Shipping to Canada - "The Resolution""

It is true there are no brokerage fees charge by UPS for air shipments, but getting away without brokerage fees for land shipment of wheels is a rare occurance! UPS will explain their fees to you and it isn't pretty. So, if you pay COD, above the cost of the item, you will pay Provincial (6-7%) and Goods & Services taxes (5%) on most items, and brokerage fees as follows:
$20.01-40.00 = $17.96;
$40.01-100.00 = $31.03;
$100.01-200.00 = $41.66;
$200.01-350.00 = $54.18;
$350.01-500.00 = $59.53;
$500.01-750.00 = $66.25;
$750.01-1000.00 = $72.87;
$1000.01-1250.00 = $79.54;
$1250.01-1600.00 = $83.89;
$1601.00-5000.00 = $87.88;
for every $1000 or fraction above $5000 add another $5.70. I was told this today, but if you prepay by credit card there may be some discount. UPS used to charge a fee for missed deliveries when they would place a sticker on your door, but say that is not done now! I seem to recall complaining about the brokerage on smaller valued items as it sometimes doubled the cost when shipping was included, so I have always tried to clear the items myself at Customs to eliminate the brokerage. But many times UPS has tried to tell me, and will tell you, it can't be done! YES, IT CAN! You need to get their tracking number ASAP and inform the receiving UPS depot (Canadian side) that you wish to clear the item yourself. When it arrives it will be held at the depot, you go there and get the Customs paperwork, take it to Canada Customs where they will charge any duties and the appropriate taxes, stamp the paperwork and FAX back to UPS that the item is cleared for release. You go back to UPS, sign and pick up your item. It can be a hassle if you, the UPS Depot, and the Canada Customs office are not close together, and your time, gas etc.