Reply to "Shipping to Canada - "The Resolution""

Four years later and things haven't improved much !
I ordered a part (front urethane bumper for a toyota) from a vendor in California.

As soon as I got a shipping number, I contacted UPS in Calgary and told them to notify me when the parcel arrived so I could broker it into Canada myself.

They did. UPS faxed me the document I would need for Canada customs. That afternoon I went to customs and paid the taxes and broker fees (about 1/4 of what UPS charges for this service) for my parcel. Got the release papers from customs. Faxed these to UPS first thing next morning and arranged delivery for that afternoon. Truck arrives on schedule, unloads parcel, nothing owing, all fees paid.

So far, so good, I'm thinking.

Not so. Six weeks later I get an invoice in the mail from UPS for $76.00 to cover brokerage fees and storage.

I contact UPS and I'm directed to the disputed invoice department. Sent them an e-mail explaining my situation and asking for some clarification on charges, as I brokered the parcel myself. I never flat out refused to pay, I just wanted clarification on how I was being charged broker fees on something I brokered myself. NEVER got a reply. Sent new e-mail a week later. NO reply. O.k. fine, I forget about the whole thing.

A month later, I get a final notice invoice in the mail for, you guessed it, $76.00. At this point, I just file it away in the fu section.

Now, the situation arises, is UPS chasing after the vendor for this money? If they are, I have no idea. This is a fair sized after market body kit supplier in the U.S. and I'm sure they would deal with it.


If this scenario cropped up during a transaction between two individuals, I could see how it would make for a very uncomfortable situation.

Just my 2cents. Rant over.

Doug M