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Reply to "Sticky #1: Dropped Floor Pans"

Originally posted by Joules:
Those pans appear to be a tray dropped all the way around rather than front to rear. Wouldn't they prevent the seat moving forward?

No, the seat works fine.

With the seat all the way back, there is about 10 to 12" of additional exposed floor pan in front of the seat and I doubt that even if you altered the seat tracks for greater forward travel, that there would be any practical reason to go more forward unless your legs are cut off at the knees and still want to operate the pedals?

If anything with the pan, it could have been shorter from front to back since there is no need for that much forward seat travel.

You could use the additional space to hide your pistol under the floor mat.

Another consideration with changing the floor pans is that the original seat location had the driver seat more to the door.

That added to the "twisted" feeling of the pedals being off too much to the right and the steering wheel not centered to the driver correctly.

What you do with these pans is place the seat in the car where it is oriented better. I'm not sure that it is possible to get it centered perfectly but it will feel better closer to the console. At least it does to me.

I want to say that I relocated the seat about 1-1/2" closer to the console but it is 30 years since I did it and I don't have the original floor pans to compare it.

You MIGHT want to consider spacing out the pedal assembly forward at this time also. I gained 1-1/2" of leg room right there and the lower seat position makes it possible to use a helmet comfortably without feeling that your head is in a vise.