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Originally posted by weber69:
DOES 200, We spoke after I bought my Pantera about 5 years ago. So how many Pantera's make a decent retirement fund?

From these past posts - most thought 90-100 lbs per strut would be perfect. The Sachs unit I purchased bolts right up and have 115 lbs for $23 each. I can lower the lid with one strong finger.

Best to you and the board.

Haha Weber, there is never enough for retirement, although 3 is getting close. I went to the web on yours, but they show 125lb. shown below.

Are yours still holding up? Nice engine bay by the way! The wife says I don't remember important things anymore, but I think your car was a real nice GT5 build.

Good options from others too, but I want something in the stock bracket position unless I cut off the brackets and repainted.