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DOES 200, We spoke after I bought my Pantera about 5 years ago. So how many Pantera's make a decent retirement fund?

From these past posts - most thought 90-100 lbs per strut would be perfect. The Sachs unit I purchased bolts right up and have 115 lbs for $23 each. I can lower the lid with one strong finger.

Best to you and the board.

Haha Weber, there is never enough for retirement, although 3 is getting close. I went to the web on yours, but they show 125lb. shown below.

Are yours still holding up? Nice engine bay by the way!

Good options from others too, but I want something in the stock bracket position unless I cut off the brackets and repainted.

Jon Haas's set fits right into the original brackets. No repainting needed.

The original fat dust boots fit right on.

The only difference is he left his natural machined aluminum.

I saw it yesterday but took no pictures.

I do believe that he has a video of them on his Pantera-Electronics web page? Take a look.

He hasn't answered me yet as to whether on not I can get a set from him. Soon.