Reply to "Sticky #4: Pictures of Steering Wheels"

Half the time you can't find your keys? NOW you are going to tell me you always know where your sweaty leather gloves are? I HATE the smell of wet leather. Yuk!

I don't get burned on my shifter. It's made out of Delrin. It NEVER gets hot.

My steering wheel height is adjustable as is the seat, 16 ways.

I don't even need to find my keys. The car remembers me. I just need to push the start button.

You push the button, it screams rape. Now that's an anti-theft device if you ask me?

The park of the wipers has been reversed so even they are not in line of view. I would use wipers on the car even out in the desert. You never know when a vulture is going to crap on the windshield while you are trying to outrun the sunset.

So no matter how you look at it Marlin General, "we're" ready for ya'! Wink


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