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Reply to "Sticky #4: Pictures of Steering Wheels"

Originally posted by pantera chris:
new Momo

I'm surprised that Chris is the only one so far to show a D shaped steering wheel. I've had mine since 2001 and think it's the only way to go, and I'm only 5' 10" tall with normal length legs! I also like the contoured grip areas which make it very comfortable.

I got the hub and removable adapter from Panteras by Wilkinson. Not only is it a good theft deterrent but it also makes it really easy to work under the dash in the footwell area! I believe mine is 340 mm (about 13") but others may be available. My particular model is out of production but can be found on eBay. Chris' is in production. His is the Trek model, but others are available. Just google Momo D shaped steering wheel or flat bottomed in place of D. To restrict to what may be available now, click on tools and "Past year" or what ever. Try clicking on images too.

I don't know what hub Chris used, but the Trek wheel doesn't look like it would work with Wilkinson's removable adapter. You need one with a hole in the center and clear access to the standard mounting holes.



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