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Pantera Brake Improvements

Noticed my pedal was drifting ever so slowly to the floor, and thought 'uh oh'. Time to consider my next project, like now. Appears to be the original booster and master.

So at minimum, a master cylinder is in my future, then the "while you're in there bug" bit me.

A daunting number of choices out there, and follwing a good bit of 'thread search', wanted to pose this to the experts:

1) I don't track the car at all.
2) Running stock 15s, but with 8 and 10 wide wheels.
3) Prefer 'stock' apperance in the trunk compartment, though a minor deviation not bothersome.
4) As all of us, would prefer to spend $0, but can stomach up to $2grand done, so likely not able to get the 'big buck brake kit'.

Noticed sponsors offer bigger bore master cylinders, with what is claimed as 'superior flow' and 'better feel'.

All advice gladly accepted. Will stop driving the car til this is resolved.

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