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Reply to "Pantera Brake Improvements"

I will agree this has become a great discussion on vehicle dynamics, brakes, handling, etc. It really gets you thinking about what a manufacturer has to address to make a great car, especially a high performance sports car that does more than go fast in a straight line.

Below/attached is a comparison where the Pantera GTS was rated number 1...braking from 70 mph was 166ft (Thank you Mike @ The Pantera Place for the chart...hope it's ok to post that without your permission?) Were there caliper/rotor or master cylinder changes as the cars evolved? Did all the Pantera's have the PV in the front brake circuit?

This link shows the best braking cars over the past 40 years. Considering the older tire construction vs some of the numbers on this chart the Pantera GTS was pretty impressive.

I'd be very interested to see how Georges/Mikes Wilwood braked cars compare and one of the Brembo big red calipered cars do compared to the GTS in the chart. The real test for most of these cars would be bringing it down from 150 repeatedly when the caliper and rotor changes really make a difference.

Love this thread...thanks for all the comments. I'm starting to think I may get my checkbook out and go see one of the vendors for a full caliper/rotor/MC kit.


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