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Originally posted by A Hudson:

Noticed my pedal was drifting ever so slowly to the floor, ... then the "while you're in there bug" bit me ... A daunting number of choices out there ... wanted to pose this to the experts ... all advice gladly accepted.

Adams left it "wide open" more or less for advice regarding the drifting pedal and/or advice regarding upgrades within his parameters. We don't want to hi jack the thread and change the topic into one focused on SACC Restoration's rear brake kit.

Scott/Chris the brake kit is a new product, and I think there are enough people interested in it, you could start a new "announcement" thread ... and people can fire all their questions at you there.

I think the discussion about the proportioning valve may result in this thread becoming a sticky. I enjoyed the banter with Mike, didn't you? But beyond anything else I want to make sure our friend Adams gets the help and answers he's looking for.

Thanks to everyone for contributing toward making this forum the friendly and informative place it is. Building a global community is what its all about. DeTomaso owners around the world reaching out to help one another, sharing information and experience, and building relationships. Seeing people come here week after week and receive the help they are looking for makes it all worth while for me, as I hope it does for you too.

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