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Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

OMG! How cn you ever show your face in public? LOL!
I don't have my old Comp 427 Cobra pics handy but as I remember, this is very reminiscent of the S/C's.
CSX 3035 and 3036, both red are both like yours. Squatted in the rear with the tire hiding partially under the lip which makes the nose seem a little high.
The rear springs for some reason take a set there and you really can't come lower in the front if you look under at the chassis tubes.
As I recall, you can't make a fist and clear the tube and ground with it, vertically. That's low.
When Dick Smith had the car, he didn't worry about the look, just the function.
I don't know who owns Eber's car now but they were very, very similar and Eber would just copy what Smith had done to his car rather then experiment on his own.
They are both red cars like yours is too.Race cars don't worry at all about cosmetics.
Incidentally, beautiful Cobra.