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Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

Originally posted by griffinmax:
The Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R's still seem good candidates. H rated. A 26X12.00R15LT tire is the equivalent of 305/46/15 metric.

Here's a little feedback from ClubCobra

They look pretty good on the car too...

This is an EXCELLENT recommendation. Completely under MY radar! Way to go. Love it.

However, I can't find head nor hair of a speed rating, wear rating, traction rating on them. Where did you get that data?

Also, 305 is the metric equivalent, yes, but how did you get the aspect ratio on this tire?

I saw the H speed rating on it yes. Wait. I see the A traction rating too, although that tread pattern is looks very suspicious of traction even with a weather prediction of a 30% chance of rain. No matter. This car hasn't seen that in 25 years.

I feel the value of my original 10" Campis going up now...did you feel it? Big Grin

Thanks. You made my day!