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Originally posted by Chris Wilson:
hey all I know there has been plenty of talk about 15 inch wheels and the lack of tyre avaliable to go on them. i press on regardless.

I have a set of 8's and 10's. here in nz i can locate 295 50 15s the best i can do is 225 50 15 for the front. the 225 seem a little stretched on the 8's.
the only 235 50 15 is a toyo 235 50 15 proxy R888
i was wondering about tyres with a 60 sized side all are there any thoughts re this, such as a 225 60 15
i can't find a 235 55 15 or a 235 45 15

Also what is the larges tyre that will safely fit under the front fenders of a stock pre l bodied car.

so comments please.

regards chris.

ps at this stage i am not prepared to go to the campy clones in bigger sizes.

The 225-50-15 works well on the 8" rim, or the 7". It is actually a small OD tire and lowers the front of the car about an inch. Be aware that if you have a US delivered car they had 1" spacers shimming the springs and if you take the spring spacers out, the lower radiator support is "way down there" vvvvvvvvvv(< arrows pointing down). My sons would say slammed but that is such ghetto term? Big Grin

Where as the car stock was about 43 inches high, it is now down there with the GT40 at around 40". The GT40 got it's name because it complied to the rule of being only 40 inches high. Wink

On my car, if I make a fist I have to turn it horizontal to fit under the nose. Verticle won't clear it.

The 295-50-15, probably a BFG, works ok on the back but the newer Mickey Thompsons, LT 26 x 12R15, although not high speed rated, fit really nice in the back on the 10" Campi. Fits the 8" too.

It tends to give the car a slight rake, but you don't notice it while you are driving until you come up on a tractor/trailor when all of a sudden it seems like you can go right under the trailor? Eeker

This entire setup just lends itself to the feeling that the car is just some sort of a very highly powered Italian go cart? Works for me?

Ciao Bambino! Big Grin


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