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I have an opinion, albeit one that few will agree with. I took my stock Campy wheels to the tire shop and had them fit whatever matched set of tires they had in stock (they have a performance-type tread pattern but were about $100 apiece, new).

You can go around and around discussing "correct" tire size, lack of availability of "correct" tires, speed ratings, etc.

I have yet to see or hear of any modern tire coming apart on any street-driven car, whether it's a sports car or Kia, b/c the speed rating was "too low." I routinely see folks driving on the freeway at 90+ mph for many miles, on off-the-shelf tires. Not once have I seen their tires disintegrate. How often do you really, truly, run your car at sustained speeds of over 100 mph on public roads? (don't answer that...) I'll bet there are not many folks here who have run over 100 for more than a few minutes anywhere for fear of the law. I haven't.

Perhaps if you spend most of your time at Talladega, then searching for the elusive super-speed-rated tires is worthwhile. However I chose not to spend $1,000+ on specialty Pantera wheels and $1,000+ on tires for a car that sees at best 1,000 miles per year. I oven-baked my stock wheels myself, had the tire shop put tires on, and spray-painted the wheels myself. The car has run at high freeway speeds and I've even drag-raced it. Everyone that sees it or rides in it comments on its superb handling and the good looks of the wheel/tire combo. The speedo reads pretty close. There is no mud nor rocks being thrown onto the body due to over-sized tires. Removing and installing the wheels is a breeze b/c they are light and small (relative to some aftermarket designs).

Again, I realize I am solidly in the minority here, and no one will agree w/ me, but my total investment is about $500 and the car still flies and gets many thumbs-up. My tires haven't exploded yet.

Just another option to ponder.

I saw a set of Firestones develope big bubbles in the sidewalls of the tires on a Shelby GT350.

Of course this was on a car that we counted made 37 runs on the dragstrip in one day by a guy we affectionately call "Mad Man" Aleberto.

I think they were F60-15's on 7" rims.

You are correct. They did not explode. MM kept driving with them to see if they would.

I personally have had chunks of tread come out of the tire on BFG's leaving nothing but the cord on two seperated occassions.

Neither of these tires were rated higher than S.

It all depends on where you look to find failed tires. The one place you don't want to hear of them is on your own car, but like all of us, "you pays your moneys, and ya' takes your chances".

As "Dirty Harry" once said..."do you feel lucky today...well do ya'?" Wink