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Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

I have used a number of different R compound tires on the street over the years. Yoko A008 RS, Toyo RA1, Conti Grand Am Slicks, Hoosier A6 and most recently the Hoosier R6 and Toyo R888.

Only the Conti and the Hoosier R6 needed any real attention when cold. The others warmed up quickly.

I never really drive cars hard when the tires are cold. I always wait for water temp, oil temp, etc. to climb and by then the tires are warm also.

When warm, these R compounds will absolutely outperform any street tire to the point where I can't imagine driving a performance car without them. The warm performance benefit greatly outweighs any minimal extra care needed when cold.

I had a set of BFG Comp T/A 60 series tires on my old GT350. I switched to Toyo RA1s and it transformed the car. I now run R888s on it and have been similarly pleased.

Apparently the Michelin TBs last 3k miles of mixed use and have a modern tech R compound?

I believe our prayers have been answered.