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PanteraDoug, no use for V rated tires?

Under 40 degree "driving" days?

No sun for months?

You're not selling NY very well to car people!


I do agree with your statement about R compounds not being suitable for average drivers. At the same time I'm hoping the typical Detomaso driver is above average in their skill considering the power and chassis layouts involved.

If you drive your car only a few thousand miles a year, primarily during the warmer, salt free months and not in standing water, R compounds are a fine.

They become even more attractive if you really enjoy the increased performance in spirited driving.

I will never go back to street tires for my fun cars.

Just offering another perspective that brings three new tire options to the 15" dilemma.


The truth hurts. Southern California is the place to be for high performance cars NOT NY.

You really need winter compound tires here for the cold weather months.

Some days the high for the day is 15. The tires get very hard and will not bite at all in turns.

R compounds have their benefits BUT one needs to know their limitations.

They are at their best on sunny days and temps about 85-90. They can get slick in high heat too.

I prefer not to think about that and just drive the car.

I pretty much know where the limitations are on a street tire but even so they can fool you too.

Even most weekend racers will go with an intermediate and stay with it and drive around it's limitations.

Not to kill any left over positive thoughts of NY further but I can't think of any place withing a hundred miles where I could use the benefits of a comp tire.

There are many places however that will do you in with them.

I wouldn't be any good with them anyway. I just don't get enough practice with them.
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